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Commercials, Narrations,  Promos,
Movie Trailers, Documentaries,

Business, Educational, Radio,
Telephone, Videogames, Podcasting,
Television, Internet Voicetrack

I work as an actor. As a voice actor, I create image, feeling, depth and character with the words I speak. If "straight announce" is required, I also provide "straight announce" as an option.
Performed museum-like narrations for “haunted venues”
Currently working as the multi-state voice of an industry-leading charitable organization, providing daily weather casts around the U.S.A. and VO and characters at



B.A. Communications, Psychology, Computer Science, Western Michigan University.

Improv /Comedy with Avery Schreiber

Promo wrap-around development and performance with Joyce Castellanos

Microphone technique with Jay Roberts

Voice over with Rick Zieff

Voice over with Deborah Sale

Voice over with Bill Holmes

Voice over with Dave Hull

Voice over with Richard Courtney

Acting with John Sarno

Branding with Sam Christiansen

News casting with Grant Hudson/James Reese, Byron MacGregor

Specialized training with Ned Lott




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Franklin Sterns Voice Over
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